What’s been happening in my English Classes


I’ve started posting When The Moons And Mirrors Rise on Wattpad. I aim to post it fortnightly, but things have been a bit chaotic lately in general (at home, at school, and in my head :/) and I haven’t been typing it up to be able to post. I have exciting news: we’re doing a creative writing module in my English class at the moment, and in English extension we’re looking at Gothic literature which I’m finding super interesting despite it being an unusual genre for my normal.

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Some cool things about Elven


Miscellaneous update: When The Moons And Mirrors Rise is going well, and I finished uploading The Faithful Ones on Wattpad. I’ve also been super stressed over Tournament Of Minds, but it’s been a lot of fun too.


I’ve been doing a lot of work in Elven lately, just to get to know it better — although the consequence is getting my languages mixed up in my head and when I speak. I’ve been writing (extremely) short stories in it, and I’m thinking of making a collection of them just for fun, what do you think?

Elven is the first language I started making, as a secret language between my friends, although we never got far with that. We were in year five, and I wanted a language that wouldn’t be too hard to understand without the dictionary. Well, it’s progressed far beyond that, Continue reading “Some cool things about Elven”

NaNo Camp + Faithful Ones

Something new: I moved down the street (weird right?!).
Something old: I still forget to type up my stories (I’m so sorry!).
Something annoying: I still don’t know what to write for the blog post part of having a website (ugh).

It’s almost July, so it’s almost time for  NaNoWriMo Camp. I’m going to use that time to type of the rest of Brightheart and possibly get what I have of my 2nd draft/rewrite of The Faithful Ones up. Continue reading “NaNo Camp + Faithful Ones”


Hey! Sorry it’s been a while, there were assessments to get on top of mid-term and I had no idea what to post about. And I still haven’t finished typing up Brightheart unfortunately, but I’ll try to work on that.

I recently discovered World Anvil, an awesome world-building resource. If you haven’t heard of it, you can check it out here (My username is Jes01 if you’d like to see the world Raine lives in).

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Brightheart (Character)

First of all, the first draft of Brightheart is now finished, and I’m beginning to edit/rewrite The Faithful Ones. It’s the longest story  I’ve written yet, taking 7 1/2 months since July: with over 50,000 words, it’s full novel length. I’m excited to hear your thoughts on my story!

I’ll start with a quick overall of the tale — if you haven’t read the whole story you should probably do that  (I promise I’ll update the page ASAP) :). Brightheart is a princess who was raised by a dragon called Rustblade, and her birth name is Ailith. She was born in the castle that is now a school called Aker’inra (ah-ker-in-ray), but the were-army and dark dragon attacked. Continue reading “Brightheart (Character)”