Home (Aphelion)

I was nearly there, almost back home. I was always safe there, unguarded, free. All of us were. Amethyst-Glade was our haven, a place away from the hate of the world – for we are the broken and the outcasts, and we cannot belong anywhere else. Just beyond the trees there and I would be home… No! No! What has happened? Amethyst-Glade was in ruins! I cried out. One of my friends, a sister, came running to me, calling my name.
“Why is Amethyst-Glade ruined?”
“The war. We were attacked, you knew that didn’t you? Anyway, you’re back now, and even though our home is in ruins we are safe here. We will not be attacked again,” my sister said.
“Is anyone hurt?” I was anxious.
“Many, but we are mostly healed. See.” She lifted her arm to show her scars. I held my sister close, clinging to her.
“We will never let them do this again,” I promised. “We will heal and build again. Amethyst-Glade is our home, no-one can take that from us. Our bond is strong – we will never fall.” And I knew we would, out of love.