Elekkan -Mythali


tth | longer and heavier than th
u | oo
ae | begins with a but is an i sound, like ahy
i | ee
e | eh
o | oh
j | g as in goat
g | j as in giraffe

If the word is a contraction in English, ‘-’ can be added between the full words, so ‘vire-’va’ is grammatically correct.

’va | er/ing/s (action or process, e.g. stutter can also be doing/being)
’pot | ed (past tense, e.g. called)
’uz | ’s (owning, e.g. yours)
’a | s (plural, e.g. cats)

Elekkaya | the kingdom where the half-elves came from (the meaning has been lost over time)
Elekkan | anyone from Elekkaya, also the language
Yu’a lel yaen dun for unzrath mim, Ridzohold Sutthkun, ed te mi lel ismi’va Ridzohold Yaenkun! | You will all fall before me, Ridzohold Sutthkun, and then I will be Ridzohold Yaenkun!
Ridzohold | red-sun king
Sutthkun | king of the south, literally ‘south-king’
Yaenkun | king of all, literally ‘all-king’
Yu lel nin ’va Yaenkun, oli neld, ed yaen thae zodir’a sod! | You will not be Yaenkun, only dead, and all your soldiers too!
Get ninir! Lirv mim elu! Vire-’va mim’uz sard? | Get away! Leave me alone! Where’s my sword?
Cal don. Thae sard is tther, nu lytn | Calm down. Your sword is there, now listen.
Yu is amezis Mytha. Ttha is hoh yona is ord’pot, korti? | You are an amazing Mytha. That is what they are called, right?
We it mat? | Why does it matter?
Lu, hoh on du yu way itnu ehrr to uv un? Mi lel-nin azk fer serndar, itu’va nhver erk’va itth bare ardeza lek yu’uz, bo mi no sumtthig ttha lel muk itnu kwik’va | Look, how long do you want this war to go on? I won’t ask for surrender, that never works on brave hearts like yours, but I know something that will make this quicker.
Mi du-nin cer abu yu’uz rekahrri. Lirv mim elu! Mi lel-nin let yu taek Flaimebaen! | I don’t care about your trickery! Leave me alone! I won’t let you take Flaimebaen!
kaen | queen
lu | look
marjeki | magic
hael | help
pel | spell
An perl; Mytha. Rid; naem of Farezpek. Jord; kala. Wenja; wenja. Kin, pawrl, bul; fare. Shehs; ’uz yaen from notth to sutth, from artt to vez. | a pearl; Mytha. Red; name of Ember. Gold; scales. Wings; wings. Pink, purple, blue; fire. Shell; owning all from north to south, from east to west.
Minfor | literally ‘moon-fall’
Snastorn | literally ‘snow-stone’