The Faithful Ones

The Faithful Ones was my second story that I finished. This story has adventure, battles, and mythical and fantastical creatures. (Now updated to a second version with chapters!)

In Part 1, the Spirit’s Chosen are given their Spirit’s Glitter and set three tasks that Mel has kept a secret since the battle in Northesa, that involve trust. Along the way, they grow as a group and meet new friends, including the Leopardess-Elf Mel, who becomes their leader.that Mel has kept a secret since the battle in Northesa,

In Part 2, they return to the Dwarvern Caverns, where four dwarves join their group. They find a new name, The Faithful Ones, and go on their way to free Northesa, a land ruled by the tyrant king, the Raging Wolf.

In Part 3, Mel leads the army she gained in Northesa to Westheath, and takes her friends to the Archipelago, when they meet all kinds of creatures. When they return, the army goes to the Sylvan Land. Everywhere they go they spread Mel’s story and leave behind Northesians who are looking for a home. Then they sail north to Icendell, a land of mountains and snow. There, the Faithful Ones find out what Mel’s secret is, and go to find a man named Saul, who then joins the people following Mel. They leave Icendell and set sail to a new land where they can live in tribes and in peace.


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