A tale of magic, dragons, kidnappings, stars, past and present, and a little dragon girl named Brightheart.

Brightheart grew up in a cave between the mountains and the woods, raised by a dragon named Rustblade. She is wild and fierce, but when another dragon comes and wounds Rustblade, she must go to the castle that was once her palace. Brightheart learns magic and makes friends. The headmaster of the school, a knight, teaches her about the were-creatures and the dark dragon who ruined her childhood.

About half a year after she goes to the castle, Brightheart leaves in the dead of night. One of her friends has been kidnapped by the were-creatures, the fifth to be taken. She returns to Rustblade then heads on her way on a quest to kill the dark dragon, and a war is begun between the were-army and a group of rebels. When Brightheart’s quest is completed, she to returns to the castle and help fight in the war, and when all of this is finished she returns home to her dragon cave with Rustblade.