When The Moons And Mirrors Rise (blog post)


Just a quick general update: I’m getting close to finishing uploading The Faithful Ones and Brightheart on Wattpadd, so I’ll start typing up my current story, When The Moons And Mirrors Rise, to post on there — keep a look out. I’ll update all the parts of TFO on here once It’s on Wattpad. I’ve also been doing a personal challenge on NaNoWriMo each month since April, which has helped keep me on track and build up my daily word count.

You can access the world-building of my story on World Anvil, which is the story of a girl called Ris. Her twin, Saryar, is the chosen one who must save the Cursed and Enchanted, but she is a Cursed and Ris doesn’t think Saryar can do it. The wyvern-stars have set Ris her own quest, to save the dying wyvern-star king.  The story is narrated by Promise, Ris’ shadow — it’s interesting to play with perspective. (What else can I talk about without spoiling anything?…) First, Ris searches for those who can help her on her quest, and she finds a Seelie Fay, a crow, and two others, one of which is an Enchanted. These people become like family to Ris, who had always been shunned for her magic. I’m having a lot of fun writing this story, and I’m excited to start uploading it.


Stay safe, and enjoy your day.


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