I just wanted to quickly talk about some self-care tips, since this is quite a stressful time and we don’t know what’s going to happen next. I know it’s probably the only thing anyone talks about, but things are going to be ok. Ominous positivity, alright? Or not… Just do whatever helps  🙂

These are just some things you can do if you’re stressed out or need a break, you can use them any time you like:

  • read
  • eat a snack — fresh or dried fruit, nuts, yoghurt, etc
  • drink a cup of water
  • do some colouring-in
  • journal
  • dance
  • go for a walk or bike ride
  • message or call a friend
  • pray
  •  breathe — either 4 seconds inhale 4 seconds exhale, or 4 seconds inhale 7 seconds hold, 8 seconds exhale
  • hang out with your pet/s if you have any
  • have a nap — sleep is important!
  • sit outside in the sun, if you can. If you can’t, the window will do 🙂
  • listen to music (you’re probably already doing that though :))
  • write a poem

Have a great day!

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