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I recently finished the second draft of The Faithful Ones, which is the version getting posted on my Wattpadd account every Wednesday. I’ll put  it up here when that’s completed (that will take a while, sorry). I’ve been worldbuilding for my next story, too, which is super exciting! If you’d like to look at the World Anvil page for it, it’s Alehntecith. There’s even a page for the Desert Drake, which I talked about in the post ‘How to Create a Species’.

Anyway, I’ve been world-building and so far I have two of my characters made, and I decided to talk about how I make characters. My questionnaire thing for my characters progressively gets more in-depth and  my characters progressively become more 3-D over time as I gain experience. There’s some really long lists of questions about your characters you can find, but I usually just take what I think is useful and important from them and build my own list — I don’t need to know what their favourite toy was or whatever.  My list of questions so far is:

Full name:
Do they like the name?
Birthday, age:
How old they appear/act:
Archetype (optional):
Roll in story (optional):
Type of creature/ethnicity:
Where are they from?
Eye colour:
Hair; length and colour:
Skin type:
Visually defining trait:
Do they gesture a lot?
What do they do when they’re nervous?
Lying; how to tell, when they lie, do they like it:
Trust; how easily is it given or broken:
Quirks/unusual things they do:
Quirks/mannerisms in speech (AKA their voice):
Do they act the same when they’re alone?
How do they try to differ from who they really are?
Good habits/traits:
Bad habits/traits:
Strengths/what they’re good at:
Weaknesses/what they’re bad at:
Hogwarts house:
Deepest fear:
Recurring themes in dreams/nightmares:
What they like:
What they don’t like:
Friend and family situation:
Roll model/who they look up to:
What are they reluctant to talk about?
How they feel about themselves; self-confidence, self-esteem etc.:
How do they speak to themselves?
What calms them?
What upsets them?
How do they deal with emotions?
Worst that could happen to them/what would break them:
What they want and why:
Favourite story from this world:
Daredevil or cautious?
Selfish or selfless?
Optimistic or pessimistic?
Introverted or extroverted?
What they are drawn to:
Day or night, dawn or dusk:
Night owl or early bird:

(according to the rules of magic in this character’s world. This list may need adding to for particular circumstances)
Can they use/access it?
Do they use/access it?
How do they use/access it?
Magic type:
School/division of magic:
How much do they rely on it?
Are they cursed/enchanted, and how so?
Given or born:
How strong is their ability?
Do they know how to use it?
Are they aware of it?
What have they done to learn more/improve?


*(I haven’t played a lot of DnD so it’s hard for me to decide what a character’s alignment is, but I put it in there because a lot of my friends do play it and it could be useful when I’m explaining who my characters are :))

So yeah.
Enjoy your day!

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