When The Moons And Mirrors Rise

When The Moons And Mirrors Rise (WTMAMR) is about a girl named Ris, whose twin is the one chosen to save the Cursed and Enchanted. Ris’ shadow, Promise, narrates the story and takes part in it. Many of the characters are based on my friends.

A couple hundred years ago, at the start of the GlassShatter Age, the wyvern-stars sent down fifty of their number, but it went horribly wrong. Glass everywhere shattered into a million pieces, and the fifty wyvern-stars became incredibly weak. Three died, while the rest were successfully taken in by those who became known as the Enchanted. Fragments of the shattered glass often became embedded in people’s eye or heart (like in the fairytale The Snow Queen), and these people are known as the Cursed. When the wyvern-stars were finally strong enough to return home, they left their guardians weakened, without magic, and mute. The wyvern-star king kept them alive, prolonging their life without them ageing — however, this took a terrible toll on his strength. Ris must help the wyvern-star king regain his strength. Saryar (Ris’ twin) must ask him to restore the Cursed’s and Enchanted’s fates.

There is also a Part 2 (…And Then When They Fall), which explores some very intense emotions and particularly grief. After the quests are complete, Promise leaves Ris in search of the friends they made on their quest to bring them back to Ris, all the while fighting the dangerous effects that being fully rogue has on shadows.

Recommended age: 16+

Faerin, spoken by the Fay
[Wyvern-star], spoken by the wyvern-stars
Saaen and Seasign, used by the merfolk and sand-singers (includes the Meree and Bidy’argn’ dialects, spoken by the merfolk and sand-singers respectively)
Tezynnarri, spoken by the Tezynnarons
[Gnome], spoken by gnomes

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