Lost (Aphelion)

Her skin was like ice, her eyes like stone, her heart was a wild fire. She was trapped here, lost here, in these ruins and in herself. She screamed and screamed, called for help. No-one heard, no-one came. She was alone here, with only a few stars – but they do not lead home, for she does not have even a house or place to dwell. She used to, but it was so long ago, and she could never go back anyway. Now, she was more of a warrior, though still as afraid. She was courageous, at the cost of being shattered. So, because she was shattered, she hid. She wrapped herself with stone. Yet still her heart burned, no ice could stop it. She can not halt the ice now though, and that scares her.

Owning, searching, running, screaming.

Still so lost.

One day she will find somewhere to make her home. Though, how long must she wait before then? She supposed she had waited this long already. And friends, oh, it has been ages since she had any she could trust. She will find new ones, with time. With time she will heal. With time she will find the stars that will lead back – but not to the time she abandoned. There are new memories to be made, she will never forget that.