NaNo Camp + Faithful Ones

Something new: I moved down the street (weird right?!).
Something old: I still forget to type up my stories (I’m so sorry!).
Something annoying: I still don’t know what to write for the blog post part of having a website (ugh).

It’s almost July, so it’s almost time for  NaNoWriMo Camp. I’m going to use that time to type of the rest of Brightheart and possibly get what I have of my 2nd draft/rewrite of The Faithful Ones up.

Speaking of The Faithful Ones, Raine, Rose, Sunny, Salma, Freya, Matthew, and Blaze have completed their task in the Dwarvern Caverns and are just leaving the forest. They’ve met Mel. I had some Writer’s Block in the Caverns due to a heap of stress, but now things are going ok again 🙂
Do you guys want me to put the story up as I type it and leave the 1st version for comparing, or wait until I finish then remove the 1st version?


Have a good day!

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