Hey! Sorry it’s been a while, there were assessments to get on top of mid-term and I had no idea what to post about. And I still haven’t finished typing up Brightheart unfortunately, but I’ll try to work on that.

I recently discovered World Anvil, an awesome world-building resource. If you haven’t heard of it, you can check it out here (My username is Jes01 if you’d like to see the world Raine lives in).

Anyway, let’s get to the topic: dwarves.
Being a LOTR fan, some of their culture is surely influenced by those dwarves (not that I actually based them off of LOTR). I’m trying to make their language sound German more than anything else. They used to roam more freely from their caverns, but eventually became more home-based and no longer nomadic. The dwarves used to have a bit of a Westheathite accent, which sounds similar to the Scottish accent in this world, but they lost it when they returned home. They love to mine, carve, sing, and create, and they also value persistence, hard work, and  loyalty. Dwarves can seem shy and grouchy, but they’re kind and friendly although headstrong, spirited, and fierce as well. Dwarves live to about 100. Their names are usually gems or metals, and many male names end in ‘-Zhëtzen’. They mainly eat meat hunted near their caves, along with fungi or potatoes. Dwarves are about 125cm tall, with a stocky, muscular build (although not overly so). Their skin is pale from living underground, and thick and almost leathery.

Zadut (zarh-dyowt), Taigat-Zhëtzen (tay-garht zjeht-zeen), Amedël (arh-mee-dehl), and Bouniek (bow-nik) are the main dwarf characters in the story. Zadut is very kind and considerate, a cold carver (a stone carver, so effectively a stone mason) of the Light Clan. Taigat-Zhëtzen is a more grouchy character but friendly enough, a fire-keeper of the Red Clan. Amedël is sweet and gentle, a buchod keeper of the Red Clan. Bouniek is wise and a little strange, a sage of the Hollow Clan.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Haven’t gotten around to reading your stories yet (too many other good books), but I thought maybe you should add a pdf version of your stories so that they can be downloaded and read without internet connection. Also, it sounds like you would enjoy the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer.

    1. the curse of a bookworm’s reading list has also affected me, especially in this season called ‘premier’s reading challenge’. i’ll think about adding a pdf version too 🙂

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