Brightheart (Character)

First of all, the first draft of Brightheart is now finished, and I’m beginning to edit/rewrite The Faithful Ones. It’s the longest story  I’ve written yet, taking 7 1/2 months since July: with over 50,000 words, it’s full novel length. I’m excited to hear your thoughts on my story!

I’ll start with a quick overall of the tale — if you haven’t read the whole story you should probably do that  (I promise I’ll update the page ASAP) :). Brightheart is a princess who was raised by a dragon called Rustblade, and her birth name is Ailith. She was born in the castle that is now a school called Aker’inra (ah-ker-in-ray), but the were-army and dark dragon attacked. King Thayer and Queen Enya, Brightheart’s parents, sent the knight Sir Kai to give Brightheart to Rustblade so she could be raised there. For twelve years she lived in peace with Rustblade, learning dragon lore and the ways of dragons as though she were Rustblade’s own dragonling. The Dark Dragon came and attacked Rustblade, wounding him. Rustblade told Brightheart her story and sent her to Aker’inra to learn moon spells so she could kill Nightscar (the Dark Dragon). She makes friends — including Kyra and Ama, her roommates –, and enjoys learning about magic. The Muarrfirn (myoo-ar-feern) Festival comes, Brightheart turns twelve, and she enters the competition called the Scavenger’s Maze. Soon after Muarrfirn several of Brightheart’s friends are kidnapped by the were-army. Around midwinter, merchants with magical items for sale come, and Ama is kidnapped by the werewolf King. Brightheart gets angry and begins her quest that night, first heading to Rustblade and then following the Merrylune River southeast. She fights and kills the Dark Dragon, and her friends are rescued — but not Ama, because she’s not there. They return, and Brightheart goes to rescue Ama who is in the were-creature castle called Lohrasait (loh-rah-sayt). After that, Brightheart and Kella fight with the Orrazens (ohr-ray-zenz) against the were-army, and the werewolf King is killed. Overwhelmed by what’s happened in the past months, Brightheart runs from the battlefield and hides in the mountains south of Rustblade’s cave. There she finds King Thayer and Queen Enya, who miraculously survived when the Dark Dragon attacked their castle. After a month, they all return to Aker’inra. (Wow that was exhausting!)

Brightheart grows from a child to a strong warrior who knows who she is. At the start of the story, she’s 11 years old and knows little anything outside the cave and forest, but at the end she’s 13 and she’s learnt and experienced many things.

Brightheart is a dragon. Well, she’s dragonish, having been raised by Rustblade. She roars, growls, bares her teeth, and curls her fingers as if stretching claws. Rustblade cared for her well, teaching her dragon lore, dragon songs, how to hunt, and herbal lore. They are close friends and Rustblade is like Brightheart’s father figure. Brightheart is fierce and wild.

Brightheart is a sorceress/witch. She goes to Aker’inra to learn moon spells so she could kill the Dark Dragon. Brightheart learns many spells, and her favourite is the calling spell with which she can talk to the Starion. The Starion are the stars, who first taught people magic many centuries ago, and they helped Brightheart on countless occasions. Brightheart is also a Magysûbymica (mug-eesh-h-beem-ihks-uh), meaning she has a rare gift that means she has a magical talent. Hers is the rarest gift: being able to visit the past. In the early part of the story, she uses this to talk to Enya, who is also a Magysûbymica (Enya can interact with people who visit her time). Brightheart is strong and powerful.

Brightheart is a warrior. Rustblade taught her to hunt, and she had to fight many opponents.  She defends herself from were-creatures on Doriima’s side, conquers Nightscar, and helps the Orrazens fight the were-army. With the help of her friends she kills Doriima and the war between the were-creatures is ended. Brightheart has a staff and dagger as her physical weapons, using spells in her fights as well. She is courageous and determined.

Brightheart is the Dragon-Princess. There were promises of one who would kill a dragon that tormented the town, and all of these described Brightheart. She never knew of these prophecies until she travelled to Nightscar’s lair and even then she didn’t know the whole of them, because if Brightheart knew of them they might have affected her decisions. ‘All again will come: a dragon with mighty flames and a hunter fierce. A princess torn from a castle, a girl torn from her dragon, by an evil dragon’s claws. She will be a witch, skilled by the moon. They will call her weak, never knowing strength and weapons. This mighty dragon-hunter alone can kill the evil dragon. Where no light goes, she must, and will take her own silver light in her heart and as a guide’  said Venandi (chapter 28). Venandi is a constellation who fought the constellation Draco, a common tale in Brightheart’s world. Brightheart knows who she is, and accepts her experiences.

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