Some cool things about Elven


Miscellaneous update: When The Moons And Mirrors Rise is going well, and I finished uploading The Faithful Ones on Wattpad. I’ve also been super stressed over Tournament Of Minds, but it’s been a lot of fun too.


I’ve been doing a lot of work in Elven lately, just to get to know it better — although the consequence is getting my languages mixed up in my head and when I speak. I’ve been writing (extremely) short stories in it, and I’m thinking of making a collection of them just for fun, what do you think?

Elven is the first language I started making, as a secret language between my friends, although we never got far with that. We were in year five, and I wanted a language that wouldn’t be too hard to understand without the dictionary. Well, it’s progressed far beyond that, Continue reading “Some cool things about Elven”